The Nature of Humans

Humans are weird. We are said to be created in accordance to His image, correct? That would make us perfect in any way. Compared to other living creatures, to say the least. But… the more I think of it, even if we are supposed to be the most sophisticated living creatures with everything we can do, we are still imperfect.

Compared to the most animals, in terms of durability, we are kind of weak. They probably can get injured very easily, but mostly, wild animals also recover quickly. They can take punishment and still walk away fine. Humans on the other hand, can only take so much before we get crippled and succumb to injury. The upside is, we can get away from almost any kind of disease while animals normally unable to treat themselves to health. Thanks for technology and science, I guess.

But then again, some animals, like sharks, are known to be very rarely get sick. And some, like tortoises, may outlive most people, no matter how healthy their lifestyles are. One can argue that they are adapted to live in the wilderness, but we don’t. Hence, why we are lacking some physical survival skill attributes. Our minds make up our weakness; allowing us to think of something and turn our surroundings to be beneficial for us.

Turning an object into something else that suits our needs is of human’s best skills

Speaking of intellect, we are probably much more intelligent than most other creatures, but…. occasionally we are shown that we are often no better than them. People often neglect (or ignore?) some of the common habits we have been taught since we were young. For example, getting along with each other. It’s supposed to be easy, we treat other people good and in turn, they will be good to us too. Yet, at some point, there is gonna be some issues, and most of the time, these issues are not really necessary to happen. We can actually prevent it from happening. How? By communicating. But… it seems our ability to communicate properly is toned down the moment our emotion takes over. People are known to be overwhelmed easily by their feelings. Even more so with women, mostly. Some others are pretty good at hiding their emotions, however. And they may be perceived as unpredictable, or fake, while dismissing the possibility of why they act so.

Expression does not always reflect how a person actually think or feel

While being intelligent allows us to think and feel, apparently, it does not make everything easier. People love to argue, sometimes even for the sake of arguing. They are not comfortable with something or someone different, even if they are not really bad person to begin with. The sad thing is, we are easy to generalize, while often simultaneously knowing and forgetting the fact that not everyone is the same. For example, Indonesians resent Chinese descendant people because the former view the latter as if they are good and successful in everything, while at the same time, they happen to know there are other Indonesians who are also as good as these Chinese people.

With great minds come great complexities, I guess. People have a hard time getting along with someone from different cultures or races. I figure it’s because they quickly judge whether knowing this person is worth the trouble or not. As in, they are afraid to something bad will happen to them, or change their lives. It appears that people usually are more accepting to change if they bring it upon themselves, but they fear of the changes caused by other people, whether it is good or not. At the same time, people may also impose changes or views to others. My thought is because we all want to be part of something or someone. We desire to make ourselves meaningful. And that’s why we are constantly looking for approval from others. The moment someone new comes along, with similar mindsets, we either be cautious, or wish to be friends with them. Perhaps, it’s natural after all. Perhaps because of our needs to be superior, we are incapable of actually ignoring other what people do or who they are, and have made talking about them, positively or negatively, a habit.

It’s not uncommon to talk about someone,
even if the person in question has nothing to do with them

We are social creatures, but we are also very selective about whom we are associated with, due to our various needs. Unlike animals though. While they do have feelings and needs too, they are much… simpler. Probably because how sophisticated we are, we can hide or manipulate emotions, preventing us from properly express ourselves or be careful with how we react for some reasons. Animals are easy; if you treat them well, they won’t bite. They also will not pretend to be nice to you if they actually don’t like you. They probably lack the ability to emote, but their behaviors and gestures are usually clear enough indication. Humans on the other hand, do various, complex things to disguise how they think or feel.

Being humans as its ups and downs, and despite of our imperfect perfection, we can count on their antics for quick entertainment. It may sound petty, but we do and say silly things from time to time. Whether it’s for fun or starting arguments, people are never dull, because they are all different, while also being the same as others at the same time.

And to close my rambling speech, here’s a cute video:

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