Business and Passion Make Good Combination (With Some Consideration)

Passion? Business? Or make a business out of passion?

The thought of turning passions, interests, or hobbies into business have been swirling for quite some time, and it is a nice thought, and actually possible. Their sustainability depends on how we run the said business and how well the patrons’ interest in it. That can probably be an issue.

They said that the best thing about make a career and live off of our passion is a dream come true, especially since it actually helps us in doing our best because we enjoy doing it that it doesn’t feel like a tedious job. But starting it is not as easy as it sounds and as nice as a thought it is, it might not always work due to some things.

When we think about turning our passions into a career or business, we have to make sure that there are people who like the same thing that they would find and need it from us. Or the very least, if it’s something new, it has to be really intriguing upon first demonstration and keep them entertained for a long time. This is probably not the most difficult matter to consider. Say if your passion is in designing clothes, it can be sustainable for a long time since everyone likes to have their own custom t-shirts, jackets, dresses, and the like. Cooking? Cuisine is something everyone enjoys every now and then, especially on vacations and holidays. But if the passion is let’s say, assembling toys from discarded materials, probably only a handful of people would be interested. We are also required to be creative. It’s a good thing there’s a lot of passions and hobbies that can make money well enough.

I have also noticed that there can be a problem that may or may not happen once the passion-driven business is well off; regardless the original vision of our passion, at some point we have to compromise and cater to customers’ demands and needs if we want the business to last. Here’s an example; a writer who specializes in making horror, sci-fi, and thriller stories experiences a drop in sales and interest. From the received feedback, the customers somehow lost interest in the stories because it lacks romance, even though previously the writer has established what genre she specialized in and all of her stories offer something different in each installment. If she wants to keep the sales up, she might have to add some romantic scenes or tensions on her stories or start to make a romance genre story, something that she initially did not envision.

While there is nothing wrong about making something new to keep the customers interested in your products, the fact is that we may need to submit to their demands by twisting and straying a little further from our original intent in passion since our profit comes from them. If we can retain our original vision to return to then good, but it’s not rare that this alteration can impact the quality and vision of our passions.

And on that note, in addition to fulfill the people needs and wants, we also need to know whether our passions have purposes and functions for the community, hence giving some clarity and reason why people should be interested in our passion-based business. Or the least, make them develop the need to have our products, which is… probably slightly manipulative. Business model is a must when we plan to start it, no matter how big or small it may be.

It seems starting a business based on our passions and hobbies are not as easy as it sounds. It’s just like finding and applying for jobs that match our skills and hobbies, we need to work hard and be creative to land and make it smooth sailing, so it’s not really impossible. Alternatively, we can try to turn whatever career we have or job we do into our passion.

No doubt, it is fun and awesome if we succeed in doing what we like best, and even better owning a business that is based on our passions and interests, right? We just need to think things through.

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