Cinema Pet Peeves

Watching films at the cinema perhaps is much better than watching them at home, be it on PC, laptop, or TV (except if you have a home theater), although that’s a subject to change.

It appears to have become a standard entertainment for most people. Granted, we have a wide array of film selection every year, every month, and the tickets are normally affordable. Even for those who live in suburbs where no cinema is available, they may be willing to go out of town just to watch at cinemas, (most notably the movie maniacs) especially if the film is something they’ve been waiting for a while.

Despite of the pleasant and supporting atmosphere at the cinema, there are some things that may still somehow get on our nerves, like everything and everywhere else. To some, this can feel even more annoying, especially considering they are trying to watch and focus on the film. May God have mercy on your soul for being one of them.

That One Guy Who Won’t Shut Up

Thinking out loud about and discussing the film is tolerable after it’s done, not during

The most common source of annoyance at the cinemas, this type of people loves to make their opinions and thoughts heard, sometimes out loud. They may question everything that happens in the film even if they’re actually focused on the film. I didn’t think such people like them were around, initially. If they happen to be with some talkative friends, expect some babbling during most of the film’s run. The good thing is, they’re good if you want to discuss the film with. Might as well doing it after the film ends, though. Besides, wouldn’t thinking about it during the film run just make you unable to actually focus on the film?

Phones On

The one time when and place where I hate cellphones

One of the most frequent type of people you’ll find during the film run at the cinema, these guys don’t know when to turn off their phones (and sometimes don’t even bother to set them in silent mode). With mobile phones being one of the few objects that no one these days can’t afford to leave, it’s a little bit difficult to tell them not to do this, even though there’s an often clear, written rule already. Is it really hard not to fiddle with their phones during one hour or two though? If they can’t stay still and just watch the film without need to look at their phone, I really wonder what do they get and understand by watching the film though. The light that comes from their phones are visibly distracting, and this is one of the things that is potentially annoying (unless you’re one of them, then of course you wouldn’t find it so). It’s best to leave the theatre and return inside if they’re sure they’re done with whatever business they have.

Boisterous Children

Patience required to deal with since it can make you feel guilty and look bad as well

There are often more than one occasion when parents bring their children to watch films that may be unsuitable for them, even if it’s made clear by the signs, and even the ticket attendants may say so. One case was when parents bring their children along to watch Deadpool. In their defense, it is a hilarious superhero film, but it’s also pretty gory and full of crude humor, therefore, placing that film in Rated-R. And some way in mid-film, they left the studio and complained to the staff that this film was not meant for them. Really, the mother actually made a scene. They have had been warned prior, but they didn’t listen.

There is nothing that against a little kid watching crude, more adult-themed film, but it may be not suitable for their psych. Besides, we have been told to educate our children well, right? They will eventually get to watch those kinds of film once they are older and aware enough to differ things.

Additionally, children are typically rambunctious, and unable to stay still in one place or seat for too long since they are at their youthful, playing stage. When kids below 6 year old present in the studio? Expect them laughing, cheering, and running around, which may ruin our film watching experience.

And then there are babies. Really, some parents actually bring babies to the cinema. I reckon that is not good for them. Babies’ hearing are rather sensitive and they may not be able to endure loud noises from the speaker, yet. Then, cue crying of the babies.

Noisy Couples

The idea is you watch the film to know, not to ask

Now, this one is more of my own pet peeves. I’m nothing against a couple watching a film, oh, no. What irritates me is that they have different ways of tainting the experience; the girl would constantly comment, or ask, about what’s going on, or why does that scene unfold like that. It’s like as if she doesn’t watch the film, or watch the film, but fails to register anything.

Meanwhile, the guy, the boyfriend, would always be gladly and proudly, telling his girlfriend that he knows or suspects what is going to happen in the film, or explaining things. Guess they can also be considered as living spoilers. This occurs even if he is not asked.

The biggest offender happened to me last week. I watched It Chapter Two and sat next to a couple. At some point, the girl clearly (at least she’s considerate enough to hush it out a little) asked his boyfriend who was Georgie. What did her boyfriend say? “Georgie was his dog.” I was initially annoyed since they constantly talked about the film during the film, but that short exchange briefly entertained me a little. I guess they didn’t actually watch the first one. Eventually when they found out who Georgie was, I could hear the girlfriend made fun of his fault. And then, they’re back into being annoying.

The type of people like this, besides being busy with their phones, during the film run, is what makes me think that watching films at cinema is not exactly for everyone since they’re not always patient enough to sit still and actually watch the film.

Trashy Audience

The more the audience, the bigger the amount of garbage they produce

Emphasis and being literal on ‘trashy’ part. Cinema and film are associated with assortment of snacks, most notably popcorn. It would have been nice if the audience at least be considerate enough to keep the trash themselves until they are outside and look for trash bins. But nope, most of the time, they would be content with dumping them around, near their seats.

Thankfully, recently, the number of people who actively participate in keeping the studio clean during the film run has been steadily increasing, so I guess this will be no longer an annoying issue.

It seems like no matter what we do, what our hobbies are, or wherever we are, there will always be some people that can sour the mood. For me, watching films at the cinema with these kind of people is very tiring since they can be so distracting. Wish there is something we can do if we run into these kinds of people. But usually, the ones who are scolded are often nastier and angrier than the ones who actually feel disturbed. No wonder they never realize of this.

What about you guys? Do you often experience similar things everytime you watch a film at the cinemas? Or you probably have experienced much worse? Please do tell.

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